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Welcome to Magikal Garden and online store...

The online store is only a fraction of the inventory carried at the retail store....Clothing, tye dyes, bags, posters, stickers, magazines, etc....all that you would expect at a smoke shop. Over 150 Zippo lighters ( some discontinued and collectible ), cigarette and cigar cases, butane . Underground comix, such as Freak Brothers and Cherry Poptart are always on hand.

Glass cases hold clear, inexpensive (imported ) pieces, to one of a kind designer pieces.. Products change rapidly so are not put into the online store. Color changing, spoons, sherlocks, bubblers and novelty pieces. Glass percs and rigs, titanium or ceramic nails, percolator downstems and much more..

Waterpipes; glass, ceramic or acrylic start at $16.00.. Metal, onyx, woods and soapstone handpipes start at $5.00

Our wiccan department has over 45 different herbs and oils, and is growing... Athames, mortar & pestals, wands and gem stones are here for those who needs local supplies..If you can't find it locally , we can probably have it in 3-4 days.

We continually adding more products for your shopping enjoyment.and most are also announced on our Facebook pages. You can "Like" us at MagikalGarden, or Magikal Garden Enterprises for your holiday shopping needs. The pictures are different on both sites,,
Featured Products
OCB Slim Extra Long --- 3 packs
OCB Slim Extra Long --- 3 packs
Your Price: $5.00
ZIPPO - Gold Scroll
ZIPPO - Gold Scroll
Your Price: $21.95
Zippo - US Marines with Emblem
Zippo - US Marines with Emblem
Your Price: $24.95
$0 - $24.99
$25 - $49.99
Over $50